Our History

The original idea for Soul and Gravity was born in 2010 by Tom. Initially, the band only had two members, himself and Groch. Over the next few years, the team developed, creating a full piece band with a female vocalist, all by2013. However, something was still missing and after a while, the band decided the female vocalist was not tobe. Fate would have it, that in 2014, the band, and the now lead singer Dan, would stumble across eachother, creating what Soul and Gravity has come to be today. 

Soul and Gravity is a one of a kind band which is hard to pigeonhole. Every song is unique, and depicts a different part of each of the band member’s personality, developingits own atmosphere within each of the individual songs. You will hear a collaboration of everything, from a multitude of different genres. Ranging from, the playful tunes of funk and Soul, hard aggressive bassline beats of punk and Rock,smooth melodic changes of Reggae and Ska, with a final twist of edgy hip-hop flows. 

Let us take your soul out of gravity!

Weronika Rej

My music adventure began at age 11 when I started musical school at 1st grade with main Violin profile and Vocal as a second.In high school, I was taking part in various festivals and music competitions. Next step were parties and events.After having a family, singing passion turned to 3rd plan but I never stopped and landed in Soul & Gravity.

Ryszard Stasiak (Rico)

Lead Guitar
Music has always been my passion, the way I could express myself, my thoughts and feelings.
When I was a kid I taught myself to play guitar.First instrument I made from piece of wood and old plastic lines.I continued to practice on acoustic guitar for a few years, then I picked up an electric guitarand discovered new range of possibilities.I played in a few bands in Poland, tried everything from blues, rock to metal and gothic rockbut never really stick with one style.Being a part of S&G gives me a chance to experiment with various types of music even more.What's the best for me is that we all come from different background but together createsomething exceptional.

Tomasz Syska (Tom)

Hi I’m Tome Tome! I was born one day somewhere in the East of Europe, in a small town, in a bushby some folks.That is where I accidently started using my first guitar, which I acquired for the small priceof half a litre of vodka.The condition this instrument was in, needless to say, judging by the price, was as well ascould have been expected.I then wanted to start a band but could not find a drummer anywhere, so I decided to educatemyself in this area.Having learned some beats I took part in few interesting musical projects called “Pif – Paf”,“Forsaken”, “W sekund 5” and “Crewsipo”.I live in the UK now, where I started using bass guitar.I have met some good people in the meantime and we have formed a band called “Soul and Gravity”.My musical ways with instruments and creations are influenced by my favourite groups like “FaithNo More”, “Primus”, “Clawfinger”, “Victor Wooten”, “Enya” and “Paktofonika”.

Jarek Grochowski (Groch)

Jah bless and protects us all, so give thanks and praises to the Almighty One!Rasta Groch creates the percussion sounds in Soul n Gravity band.Whatever my mates are inspired by and whatever heavy bass or guitar lines they bring to ourrehearsals I will always put some little twist to them to smoothen them up to enhance thepositive musical vibes.Hand percussion and mainly congas have been my passion for over 14 years though I have nevermade it to play with Santana (at least not yet).I used to run a Reggae Sound system in Warsaw and couple of little events in the UK.I also had a go as a DJ (focusing mainly on throwing my old school roots reggae 7”) at IpswichCommunity Radio, but then my family encouraged me to choose either radio or my band and I wentfor the playing myself option,rather than just listening to others. So here we are, practising hard for some time now and Ibelieve that the time has come to share some of what we play with the world.Music is not only for listening, it is a way of life, so don’t give up and soldier on, in awicked kingdom of Babylon that has to fall!..........and remember when election comes – Vote for yourself!!!

Mariusz Soltys (Marius)

Mariusz here, The Bands 1st IT geek and web developer extraudiner.Starting as ballroom dancer, accordionist in folk band and licking a bit of drumming as a child,music has always been with me but seriously took my soul at age 17,when I started to make my first steps as an Electronic music producer, which later transformedinto DJ'ing (aka Headshaker).During that time I also tried to play drums in a death metal band but that wasn't my favouritetype of music.After a long time I was invited to play with Tom and Groch in Soul and Gravity, the drums cameback to my favour.Personally I like any noncommercial type of electronic music like Tech-House, Dubstep and Drum &Bass, anything what can't hear in TV/Radio.I currently split my time between my family, the band and web developing.

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